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Since 2009, Waterborne have been delivering live music to cafes, restaurants, corporate functions and weddings. This year, they are going to spend more time entertaining you with their smooth and non-invasive sounds!

Waterborne specialise in music that you know, but may not expect to hear from a duo. From the coolness of 1930’s Brazilian jazz, through the realm of folk and contemporary covers, to funking it up with Jamiroquai, they can appreciate your needs and deliver accordingly.

Waterborne care about how they sound, and use the best equipment and instruments to ensure the warmth of our music will infuse your soul, instead of shredding your nerves.

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Usually Nylon;
1.	A day in the life of a fool
2.	Waters of march
3.	Over the rainbow (Capo 9th/10th!)
4.	Wave
5.	Masquenada
6.	Beseme Mucho
7.	Dream a little Dream of me
8.	Arms of the Angel
9.	Fields of Gold  (Capo 5?)
10.	Take 5.
11.	Girl from Ipanema  (non - elevator version)
12.	Time in a Bottle (Capo 2)
13.	Triste
14.	Corcovado
15.	One Note Samba
16.	Summertime (and the living is easy)
17.	Autumn Leaves
18.	Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Quisas Quisas Quisas)
19.	Classical Set. – various Bach/Romanza etc
20.	Arlington (Nickel Creek)
21.	Killing me Softly (With his Song)
22.	Stand By Me
23.	Caught up in your Love. (Ari Hurst) (Capo 2)
24.	Say a Little Prayer for you (Instrumental)

Usually Steel;
1.	Kiss Me
2.	All you need is Love
3.	Tequila Sunrise
4.	Even When I’m Sleeping
5.	This Guy (‘s in love with you) (Capo 4)
6.	Don’t Know Why (Nora)
7.	Smooth Operator
8.	Sailing (Chris Cross) (Drop open D Tuning!)
9.	California Dreaming (Capo 4th)
10.	Make it With You (E)
11.	In the Summertime (Emily Elbert)
12.	It’s Almost Summer E
13.	Like a Star Dm (Corrine Bailey Rae)
14.	Heal Over (KT Tunstall)
15.	Turn Me On (Norah Jones) (Capo 2nd)
16.	Brown Eyed Girl
17.	Stop this Train (Meyer) (Capo 3)
18.	This Old Love (Lior) (Capo 2)
19.	Corner of the Earth (Jamiriqui)
20.	Lets Stay Together (Al Green)
21.	Eagle Rock
22.	Moondance
23.	My Baby Just cares for Me. (Capo 6th)
24.	No Ordinary Love
25.	Under the Boardwalk
26.	Route 66
27.	Ironic (Capo 3)
28.	Heart of Gold
29.	Blackwater (Doobies)
30.	She was Just Seventeen
31.	Time After Time
32.	At Seventeen (Capo 4th)
33.	Close to You (Capo 5th)
34.	For You (Angus & Julia)
35.	Magic (Olivia Newton John)
36.	Bright Side of the Road (Morrison)
37.	Maggie May (Rod Stewart)
38.	More than Words.
39.	Old Man
40.	Ever Fallen In Love.  (Nuevo Vague)(Capo 3)
41.	Marry You (Bruno Mars)
42.	Gonna Go Now (Chris)
43.	Caught up in your Love (Ari Hurst) (Capo 2nd)
44.	New Shoes (Paolo Nutini) Capo 3rd)
45.	Bright side of the Road. (Van Morrison)
46.	Jolene (Dolly parton) (Capo 2)
47.	No Woman no Cry
48.	Could you be Loved.

Usually Resonator;
•	Vaseline Machine Gun
•	The Chicken Thief
•	Blues Medley in E.
•	Kottke Lullaby
•	Little Martha
•	Deep River Blues
•	Mississippi River Blues.
•	Sister Kate.
•	Sweet Mystery
•	Wayfaring Stranger
•	Man of Constant Sorrow.