Travelling Bones (David Hyams)

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Travelling Bones (David Hyams)

Travelling Bones released in 2013 marks a departure from the celtic inspired fusion of Hyams’ instrumental albums and performances with the “Miles To Go band”.

It’s stylistically more rooted in the folk/country area with bluesy tinges and not a bagpipe in sight - however, the strong connection to the West Australian landscape remains, with stories that include an encounter with an emu on a desolate stretch of north west highway (Roadside Lament), celebration of a Kimberley night (“Shine On”) and the ritual pilgrimage to favourite southern coastal areas (“In this Summer”).

This is the first airing of Hyams’ voice on a record and has been several years in the making. The album was self produced and recorded at Soundbaker studios in Perth with engineer Rob Agostini, with additional parts recorded in Melbourne by Shane O’Meara, and at Sydney’s Sandcastle studio. It was mixed & mastered by James Hewgill.

Hyams sings and plays guitars, mandolin, dobro and bouzouki and the album features the stellar talents of Roy Martinez (bass) and Angus Diggs (drums) plus Hyams’ regular touring line up, classy string players and compelling performers in their own right, Melanie Robinson (cello, vocals) and Jenny M. Thomas (fiddle, vocals). Additional bass and drums from Elliot Smith and Manoli Vouyoucalos and additional backing vocals from Natalie Gillespie and Sydney’s Angela Little.

By early 2013 the songs had already received several nominations for various song contests, including The WA Music Industry Association, (WAM) Song of the Year and Tamworth Songwriters Association.


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