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Carus Thompson

Originally coming to prominence as part of the explosion of the roots scene, Carus Thompson is a gifted songwriter and storyteller. However his energetic, passionate and genuine pub-rock, Springsteen-like approach to performance sets him apart from the majority of singer-songwriters.

One of Australia’s most travelled acoustic troubadours he’s spent the last ten years touring between Europe and Australia, building a loyal fan base in both hemispheres.

He’s released 6 lauded albums and played all the major festivals, including a massive 6 appearances at the gigantic East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay. Other festivals include West Coast Blues & Roots (3 times), Falls Festival (3 times), Bridgetown Blues festival (3 times), Queenscliff Music Festival (5 times), Fairbridge Folk Festival (6 times) & Australia’s biggest Folk festival Port Fairy (6 times). Worldwide, Carus Thompson has sold over 30,000 albums independently and supported luminaries such as Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson as well as good friends John Butler, Xavier Rudd and The Waifs.

One of the few truly independent Australian troubadours to have a carved a full time living from his craft, years of national and international touring have assured Thompson the enviable ability to draw hundreds of people anywhere he goes.

A Carus Thompson show, whether it’s solo or with his energetic band will always be a journey through quiet ballads, to all out folk-rockers, to some reggae dance-floor fillers. However he’s a professional and accomplished performer and can always tailor his show to whatever is required on the night.

He has the rare skill of being able to engage an audience emotionally as well as entertain; always ensuring the crowd get out of their seats. He’s proud to continue the Aussie tradition of pub-rock energy, even if he’s using an acoustic guitar to do it.

See him live and you’ll understand why he’s one of this country's favorite live performers.


 ...Carus did a fantastic job. Unfortunately I was running around trying to sort out things for the ball the following evening however from the songs I did hear, he did an amazing job and we have since had a few people contact us to ask who he was which is fantastic!

David Yaks (Regional Event) – August 2016

 The wedding was a huge success. Mel and Luke had a fantastic time and the dance floor was well used.The only thing wrong was it came to an end. People of all ages have said Carus was great. I have no reservations about recommending Carus.

Raelene Bolton (Wedding) – April 2015

I just wanted to pass on to your organisation what a consummate professional Carus Thompson is. He had to go to Mandurah to pick up Howie, his drummer. Howie had been bowled over by a two-day migraine which is the last thing a drummer wants. He was determined however to honour his commitment to the “Firies”. Then they hit a huge kangaroo and took out the lights on one side of the car.

For some reasons our directions of how to get to our isolated spot did not get to Carus and his GPS led him on a merry chase. He arrived fifteen minutes before he was due on. He was changed, on stage, sound checked and ready to play in ten minutes! He then proceeded to put on a fabulous, high energy performance which was the highlight of an already wonderful night. Then it was back into the car to head home with one headlight to do gigs today. Extraordinary!

Chris Rutter (Community Event) – February 2016

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Carus Thompson - Inland Sea